An Incredible Aquarium

I wrote about my failed attempt to visit some royal tombs and see a beautiful temple in my previous post. In summary, I had all these ideas and ended up having to exchange them for new ideas on the fly. This was not a bad thing, and is, indeed, a fun way to travel. I am totally a newbie at travel, but I did plenty of research and had a pretty good idea of where I was and what point of interests lay nearby. When I realized I couldn’t visit the Bonguensa Temple, I looked across the street and saw the COEX center.

Originally, I had no plans to visit this shopping complex or its’ aquarium, but I found myself right there, and I was rather tired of walking around by this point, so I went for it! I paid the hefty 25 dollar entrance fee and began my little journey.

I am so glad I did!


First, I found Nemo….IMG_0846IMG_0847

Then I found some amazing fish tanks!


I passed a tank full of big, orange fish. I stopped and turned around to find them all looking right at me! IMG_0868

I figured they wanted a group shot.

Displays got more interesting the further I walked on. IMG_0848IMG_0862


The Amazon displays held some pretty frightening creatures…


…such as these Arapaima. I am a fan of big, ugly, scary fish and was so excited to see these things in person!


Look at this spotted ray. How pretty! I did not know they even existed.


And gar, of course, are always cool. IMG_0892

Next, I entered a touch pool area. What fun! I got to touch some unique looking starfish and a sea pineapple.


After that, I stuck my hand in a tank of those little fish that nibble away at your dead skin. They all gathered ’round for the feast, and I could feel the subtle suction. I found it a bit freaky.

I next ran into this beauty…. a zebra eel!

IMG_0898IMG_0899IMG_0900What an interesting creature, as was this PINECONE FISH below. I had never heard of these animals before.



There were tanks of jellies and baby jellies.IMG_0902IMG_0905

I was absolutely captivated by these worms! They would completely retract into the sand at the bottom, only to rise up again.


“That’s a Moray”


As you can tell, I just love eels, especially this leopard one below.


Since I never planned on visiting this aquarium, I knew nothing about it. Therefore, I was completely shocked that there was a manta ray and shark tank…the large kind that you can walk through.




They even had a manatee! Not at all what I expected from an aquarium in a shopping complex. I finished off my visit by gawking at these giant, dog-sized crabs….IMG_0964

a strange little axolatlIMG_0974

and an adorable chorus line of cute penguins performing in front of a  pineapple.IMG_0980

What a great day!

Although the entree fee is a bit pricey at 25 US dollars,I felt it was worth it. I am a huge lover of zoos, aquariums, animals, and things that swim in the sea. I saw some insanely unique things here, and the displays were delightful.

I didn’t venture into the rest of the COEX very much, but I wish I had. My daughter (who is studying abroad in Seoul) just posted some pictures of a book store here that looks absolutely magnificent. Other shops looked interesting as well. Again, I shall return!





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