Charming Bukchon

Bukchon is a really cute little area to explore…filled with little houses and shops all in the traditional style. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering up the hilly, cobblestone streets, taking in the views and doing some people-watching.


The streets were filled with young Korean girls, donning their traditional dress for some great photo-ops. It was sometimes difficult to navigate through a walkway without getting in the way of someone’s shot!


One of my favorite things about Seoul was seeing these girls in their hanboks. The dresses are just gorgeous and the girls look beautiful. Korean youth really love taking selfies and cell phone picutres. I can only imagine the lovely photos they got on this day. By the way, foreigners can rent hanboks as well. There are shops all over that rent them out by the hour. They even help you dress in them. My daughter did this during her stay, and said they were a bit of work to get into, even requiring a large hoop underneath.

Bukchon is atop a hill, and there are a few platforms affording lovely views.


I was lucky to be there at sundown…


I took this photo to demonstrate what traditional roofs look like from above.


Oh, look! A Soul in Seoul!


Kia is headquartered in Seoul, a fact I didn’t know until I went there. Kia cars are everywhere!

Anyway, I highly recommend visiting Bukchon. There are plenty of places to eat and shop here, but I did neither of those. I am not much of a shopper. I would rather walk around and take in the sights (a no-cost activity!) and this neighborhood is a great place to do just that.


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