A little shopping at Samcheongdong Street

One morning, I decided to start my day by walking Samcheongdong street. It was a beautiful day, and I just wanted to take in some interesting sites.

I came across this temple and it’s beautiful lanterns.


There were a few shops renting hanboks for the day.


Foreigners could even get a discount!


There were many cute shops, indeed.


The street was peppered with unique artwork, motivational signage, and a few murals.IMG_0686IMG_0687IMG_0688IMG_0689IMG_0695IMG_0694IMG_0697

I don’t know why anyone would get sick of Korean food, but if you wanted something different, there was plenty of that here. I saw a few American-style burger restaurants, some Italian and Mexican places, just to name a few.

I really wish I didn’t begin my walk before Macaron’s opening hours. I would have loved to have a macaron day!


The shops were quite interesting as well. If  you forgot your happy pills, I suppose you could stock up here.


I didn’t partake in the foot bath.


I thought this was rather quirky…Sesame Street characters being used to hawk Korean skin products. Hmmmmm……


I don’t really enjoy shopping, but I do love to walk around and find interesting things to gawk at and photograph. This was definitely a cute street, the perfect place to wander around with a morning cup of coffee.



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