The Stream

Cheonggyecheong Stream is one of those sites I kept accidentally running across throughout my trip, and every time I did, I couldn’t resist a visit. It’s so peaceful and quiet compared to the streets that lie just above it. Why walk beside a road full of cars when you can stroll along a gentle stream?





On one of my final days, I found the “source” of the stream, which is marked by this colorful shell thingy.  It’s not too attractive, but for some reason, I like it.


I can’t tell you how many times I walked down those welcoming stairs with a drink or a snack, rested my weary legs a bit, and just people-watched.  There always seemed to be interesting things going on, like this television interview, below. I resisted the urge to photobomb.


Cheonggyecheong reminds me of a fancier, more man-made version of Linear Park in Oswego. My town might not be all that exciting, but I always appreciate the river running through it, along with all its adjacent walkways. I love the peacefulness that lies just below the streets, both in Seoul and here in  Upstate New York.


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